Monday, January 28, 2013

Making Sure of the More Important Things...

'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.'

I remember reading those words almost daily as a child as they hung on my parents kitchen wall. Never would I imagine how many times I would be reminded of them as I faced challenges growing up. And as a adult...

Once again, those same sentiments come to mind as another year begins. Why? Simply because they remind me that when life gets tough, that's when I especially need to realise what I can and can't deal with on my own, and that often a Higher source of wisdom is key in understanding this. And yes, my life has been tough lately...

Sadly, two cherished members of my family are facing serious life-threatening illnesses. One has terminal cancer. The other a rare brain disorder called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). And both are progressively getting worse.

Although I've had some time to get my head around what that really means, it still hasn't been easy to accept these diagnoses... 

To say it's hard to see those you dearly love gradually get older and sicker really is an understatement  The feeling of helplessness, at times, is almost mutual. The question of Why them? almost unanswerable. That's when a veil of sadness begins to overshadow you. It's the realisation of loss, the realisation that one day you will need to say the words most hardest to say and continue your life without them.

This realisation is not new for me. Both have battled bravely for several years now. But something about the last few months have left me feeling sick in the stomach, and made it clear that the end could come sooner then expected - far sooner than I'm ready for. Hence my decision to write this post.

The past few months have helped me realise that for my family and I to be better prepared for that that day, I must make certain changes in how I live my life now.

This is by far not an easy thing to do. However, it's something I simply must do to lessen the possibility of future regrets. (To lose them, will be hard. But to lose them and have the regret of not spending more time with them when I could, would be even harder.)

So in view of this, I've decided that it's necessary for me to especially make some changes to how I run Minky Minx Design Studio

But, don't worry. All stores will remain open and I will do my best to add new items as I am able to. I just wish to ask, though, that you please be patient with me. If an item is not ready to ship, it may take a few days longer to make and ship out then it might have done in the past. Also, please note that I will not be able to take on any new custom orders for the time being. As the situation changes I may need to make further noticeable adjustments, but that's all for now.

It's a big step to have just spoken about this (and yes, I've given great thought to it), let alone have to tell you about these unfortunate changes. But it's a step I simply had to take, not just for my family's sake, but for mine. I hope you understand...

P.S. If you're concerned about me, don't be. As I mentioned at the outset, my firm belief in God's assistance helps me to keep going. Although it's still hard at times, He really does give me not only the strength needed to accept the things I cannot change, but also the peace of mind for the future. I am also comforted knowing that that although I may eventually lose these loved ones in death, our goodbyes will not be forever, nor will be our tears of sorrow.  : )