Friday, November 23, 2012

Diving in the Deep End - Our First Yarraville Market

So, I did it! After almost two years since my last Warrandyte Market - and much thought and discussion - I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and return to the market scene.

But I was determined not to go back to any old market. It had to be upmarket, classy and quaint, but most importantly indoor. Yarraville Market seemed to fit the bill perfectly, so I thought I'd give that go.

Located in hired-out Masonic Hall around the corner from trendy Ballarat Street, this was my chance to 'step up' and experience something new. And I sure did.

Yarraville Market

I didn't know quite what to expect. I only knew was that it wasn't going to be anything like Warrandyte... No dust. No dirt. No worries about whether our stall would survive the day. Or our stock for that matter...

Yes, this was a plunge into new unventured territories. And I was more then a little excited! As much as I loved atmosphere of Warrandyte, I was so over the hassles that came with setting up shop there. 

So hello Yarraville  and good-bye dust! 

Here's how my new look stall looked on the day... And yes, for those of you who remember my old market stall at Warrandyte, I did somehow actually manage to squeeze the best part of a massive 3x6 metre outdoor stall into a relatively tiny 3 metres space, and make it look reasonable pretty and organized. Not half-bad first attempt, I think!

(Apologies though, about the poor photo quality.. I, of course, had to forgot to take my better camera, didn't I...!!)

My 'New Look' Stall...

Full of pretty accessories

My lovely helper & I

And here's some of my fellow stall holders...

Handmade by Jacinta

Mr Moo

Endota Spa

Midge and Judy

Rainy Days Joy
The Little Sparrow

Beaded Works


Here We Go Loopy Lou

Luana's Bead Jewellery


Winter Built

Spirit of Light

Soap Cuisine

Tasha's Treasures

Totally Innocent
Squirt Baby


So, now that I've go my feet 'wet', I very much look forward to doing a few more markets next year, all going well of course!

Tell me, which market would you like to see me next at?