Friday, October 26, 2012

Can you believe it's already been One Year...??

WOW! Where has the time gone!! Is it just me or has it been a 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' kind of year??

I know for me this has certainly been the case. One thing after another thing has happened (including plenty of things I really wish hadn't...!) that my brain had barely time to realise how quickly time was slipping by...

So much so that, the first anniversary of Kids Style Hub was here before I knew it...  I certainly can't believe that it's now been over a year that I've been selling through this fantastic store! It most definitely has been one amazing ride...

Anyway, as a little token of appreciation for the amazingly talented lady behind it all, Nicole Herrick, and of course, to celebrate this exciting milestone, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce to you a few of the many new names (and their gorgeous products) that have since joined me there...

Handcrafted bags for both Boys & Girls by Adelie Creations
Organic Moses Basket & stand by Bebelicious

Ruffle pants by Bettsy Kingston
Gingerbread Martians Baking Kit for Kids by Chef Sonia & You

Cream Knitted Maternity Shawl by Baby Knit

Elephant Hybrid Cloth Nappy by Cushie Tushies

Original Lino Cut Print by Ellie Malin

Maternity/Breast-feeding Dresses by I and U

Original Artwork by Jen Keelan

Sippy Bottle by Kiddie Concepts
3D Artwork by Little Flutter Creations
Kids Bean Chairs by Lelbys

Cowboys & Indians Bodysuit by Lolly & Bliss

Maternity/Nursing Lounge Set by Mamma Love

Fur baby wrap/blanket by Minimink

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Organic Bamboo & Cotton Baby Swaddle Wrap by Natural Kids

Kids Brightly Coloured Belts by Papoose Accessories

Friendships & Memories in Primary School Book by PCB Designs

'Only the Good Cry Young' Tee by Pram Rock

Girls Play Make up by Pure Poppet
Baby Sign Language Learning Kit by Signing Stars

'Come Fly Away with Me' Greeting Card by Square Peg Prints
Kids Crochet Ball-Necklace by The Black Sheep
Kids Activity Bag by The Cafe Bag

Limited Edition Baby Quilts by Tilly & Tobes
Car Window Shade by Toddler Tints
Bird Cot Mobile by Tweets
Flourishing Branch Family Tree Print by Uniquely Grown
Girls Summer PJ Set by Whatever Wear

Yep, that's one jammed packed store, you just have to check out!!