Friday, March 9, 2012

Where there's a will, there's a way...

Lately, life never ceases to amaze me. I know that's a rather general statement, and perhaps may even come across as being a little corny to some, but it none the less is a statement about my life at present. With all that life seems to throw at you, I think it's increasingly important just to stop for moment and savour it. Life at present, unfortunately seems just too short not to!

So, what's the special something I'm savouring, you ask?

Well, it's an accomplishment of sorts: I overcame personal obstacles to attend a very special event. More specifically, I took on the challenge of arranging Kids Style Hub's designers first real market attendance.

And it was a success!

With help of fellow designers Sun-Yin, from Alice Loves, Bree, from MilknHoney Handmade Crafts, Irene, from Missy Minzy, Sonia, from Chef Sonia & You, Camilla, from Nog 'n Piep, and Jyoti, from Pookie Boo on the day, and of course the fabulous Nicole from Kids Style Hub, we, as a collective, attended Rippon Lea's 22nd Teddy Bears Picnic!
'Market stall avenue'. Ours was just opposite the entrance to the mansion.

Despite some early morning dramas - we're forgotten to bring something to hold down our gazebo, and the wind was threatening to take off with it - and the intense heat latter in the day, it turned out to be a really wonderful day for all. Amazingly, despite the heat, most of the kids really seemed to be having a ball. With everything from face painting to carousels, pony rides and ice creams, and oh so much more on offer, I doubt there was a bored kid about, only perhaps a few flustered parents...
Kids enjoying the live teddy bear entertainment on the lawns of Rippon Lea mansion. (Oh, how I felt for the men in the suits!)

Finding something yummy to eat.
Plenty of good ol' family fun - the Carousel and Jumping Castle!
Finding relief from the heat... where ever it's found!

Representing around 40 different designers we packed our stall full of goodies to delight. From kids wear and accessories to toys and prints, there was something for just about every little girl and boy, or perhaps rather, every mum and grandma!
Our stall, a mini Kids Style Hub store, with Irene & Sonia and a suitcase full of tasty treats from BabyButton, Hoity Toity, Bettsy KingstonNicole Herrick Lt Ed, & Natural Kids.
Just a few delightful goodies from Sparkle*Liscious, DeluliSquiggle and StitchTriple Trouble for Kids, Minim kids, Escargot, Macaroon Kids, Boondie Baby, MiniFin & Gypsy Kids.

And a few more from Alice Loves, Miss Mienna, Minky Minx, Nog 'n PiepPooki Boo, MOOPS and Hoops, Missy Minzy, Chef Sonia & You, MilknHoneyAkimbo.
Still more lovelies from Pure Poppet, Signing Stars, Lime Daisy Design, Akimbo, Missy Minzy, Leaf, Olives Tree, MIDA, & ZZ Totz ...
... Dozey BooElk & Ina, Minky Minx, L8R & Found n Bound ...
... and of course Bunty and Sars, Leelu and LuluHappy Hero, Future Presidents Books & Markart
It was certainly amazing, not only how much we packed in in our little stall, but just how it all came together on the day - considering that only a few of us had met previously, and had even come from different parts of Victoria. But in the spirit of co-operation - and thanks to Facebook - it worked! A true 'where there's a will, there's a way' moment coming true.

Okay, just quickly before I sign off two special mentions. The first goes out to Su-Yin for doing a fantastic job on the day. I doubt anyone would have ever guessed it was just your second market! Well done for a fantastic job!! I hope you had a wonderful day. : )
Myself with Su-Yin - both looking a little tired, well at least I do!

And the second goes out to the lovely Eleanor and her mother, Naomi, for not only responding to my facebook post and coming on the day, but for allowing me to photograph her wearing her latest find - one of my new 'Bella' Stretch lace headbands. How gorgeous does she look!

The lovely Eleanor wearing a 'Bella' Stretch lace headband, by Minky Minx

Lastly, many, many thanks to everyone who participed in the event. What a 'beary' wonderful day it turned out to be!