Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kids Style Hub meets Indie Lane

Life is unpredictable. I well know that. Sometimes things happen that turn your whole world upside down and make you wonder if you'll ever get back on your feet again. Yep, been there many times.

And then sometimes things happen that truly renews your strength and will to go on just when you need it the most.

Incredibly, I've experienced both of these moments already this year, and although I can't recommend having your life turned upside down by a freak storm, I am now in some ways thankful that I did experience it, for I may not as fully appreciated what followed if I hadn't...

What do I mean? Well, a few weeks ago I was invited to include my creations in a professional photo shoot with the talented Donna from Indie Lane photography. Little did I know at the time just how much I needed this opportunity, a break from the seemly never ending task of sorting through mess. Suddenly there was something positive for me to work towards, a chance to turn my hands to creating again, a chance to restart the year on a more positive note.

Doing the photo shoot with Indi Lane and along with a  few of the lovely designers at Kids Style Hub was just what I needed at that particular moment to remind myself that although my whole world might occasionally be turned upside down by unforeseen circumstances, that eventually it will turn right way up again. A little reminder I very much needed at the time... (Thank you again Nicole & Donna!)

So, here's to restarting the year on a better note!

Now for some photos, and a little sneak preview of a few new creations coming soon...
Outfits by Alice Loves

Alice Loves 'Clover' & 'Amy' Dresses, and 'Susan' Bolero. 'Yellow Daisy' Shoes by Cocco & Phoenix

Detail of Alice Love's 'Clover' dress.
Detail of Alice Loves' 'Amy' dress with matching 'Bubblegum Bloom' hair snap by Minky Minx.
Reversible Bucket Hat by Pooki Boo
'Baby Doll' & 'Mr Robort' Tees by Zee & Me
Dresses by Nicole Herrick Ltd Ed with accessories by Minky Minx
Detail of Navy Floral dress By Nicole Herrick and 'Juliet' hair snap by Minky Minx.
Shoes by Coco & Phoenix. 'Bella' Stretch Lace Headbands by yours truly, Minky Minx
Detail of small 'Bella' Bow Headband. Available soon.
Dresses by Miss Mienna and soon to be released accessories also by Minky Minx

Detail of Miss Mienna's 'Paris Post' Dress & matching rosette headband (available soon)

'Butterfly' dress by Miss Mienna. Matching flower clip by Minky Minx, of course.

Detail of matching felt flower clip. Available soon.

To book your own fabulous photo session with Donna too, be sure to head over to her facebook page.