Friday, December 23, 2011

Handmade Hub Online

I can't believe it's already been four weeks since Kids Style Hub officially launched their new webstore -

Unfortunately time has simply disappeared this past month while I've been flat out with orders and working on new designs (more on that next time...), I've barely had time for anything else!

But now that I've sent out my last order, I finally have a chance to tell you about it and share with you some of the amazing talent showcased.

Although Nicole, Kids Style Hub's founder and manager, has selected an amazing array of items from both Australia and New Zealand, I particularly adore the handmade pieces. Here's some of my favourites:

Original artwork by Ooakly

Draw on the Go activity folder  by LimeDaisy
Canvas Art by Nog'n Piep
Girls' Bolero by Alice Loves

Owl Hair Clip Holder by Pooki Boo

Tag A Long Blanket by BabyButton
Hot day set by Nicole Herrick
Boot Owl Cushion by Boondie Baby
vintage print doily dress by Miss Mienna
Heat-mee Rabbit by MOOPS and Hoops
 Crossover Dress by Shipshap
Puss in Boots Recycled Journal by Found n Bound
Dribble Bib by Minim Kids
70x92 Crayon Hopscotch Patchwork Quilt by Pussycat Quilts 
Cherry Ragdoll by Deluli
ABC Puzzle Cube by MilknHoney

Pokey Puppy by Macaroon Kids

Wooden rosebuds by Eternal Memories 

Door Stop by Squiggle and Stitch

And that's just some of them!  So if I've triggered your curiosity, be sure to pay them a visit!

P.S. Here's a little clue regarding my Minky Minx surprise as mentioned on Facebook - Visit Kids Style hub - either in person or online - or join their facebook page, between the 26th and 31st of December 2011 to find out more... ; ) 

Alternatively, subscribe to my mailing list and I'll tell you directly!