Friday, October 21, 2011

A time to celebrate!

After quite literally months of preparation, it finally all came together - a new store was born - and I was fortunate enough to see it.

Kids Style Hub - Opening day 15th October 2011

But first the lead up...
Only days before Kids Style Hub was to be launched, when I came by to drop off a few of my hair accessories, the store was a chaotic mess (sorry, Nicole). Boxes piled up high, half finished tasks lay everywhere, I had my doubts if Nicole really could pull it off in such a short time.

Kids Style Hub 3 days before opening

Rays of hope - front display window ready for stock

But, somehow, with much help from others, she did. And come Friday night, there was certainly a reason to celebrate.
Dressed in cocktail attire, the store was filled both with designers and others to meet, some for the very first time in person, and mark this incredible millstone at the pre-launch party.

Myself, Suzie Renda (Minky Minx) with my
sister Christine.

Julie Allen (Moops and hoops), Nicole Herrick (Kids Style Hub)
Melinda Weaver (Baby Ink) & Lauren Kirkwood (Boondie Baby)

Tracey (Melbourne Mumma's Market), Alli Price (Motivating Mum),
Katrina Musgrave (Market Angel) & Irene Tan (Missy Minzy).

Alli Price (Motivating Mum), Cath Connell (Leaf. Paper for Life)
& Janell Fowler (Baby Button).

And get a glimpse of the store so far...

...and some of it's many gorgeous handmade products.

Dollies by Deluli.

Hand sewn pretties by Miss Mienna.

We also were able to see firsthand some of the other spaces Kids Style Hub had to offer, including cafe, kids' play area, party room and gallery (although we had to use a little imagination for the gallery space which was still filled with boxes of stock at the time...).

Kids' Style Hub Cafe & seating area (aka Parents chill out zone)

Rubble Art Kids' play & crafting area
Upstairs Party Room - Decorated by Kiddilicious

Kids Style Hub Gallery

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who left that night completely astounded, not only at the amazing transformation of this store, but to be hand picked to be among such talent.

And to think that one person, one truly amazing lady, Nicole Herrick, could pull all this off with just a little social networking... Incredible!

(Many thanks to Lauren Kirkwood, Alli Price, Nicole Herrick and Lainie Brookman for taking the photos I didn't...  xx )