Friday, July 22, 2011

Done! Another unique creation created...

So you're curious about what sort of scarf Stephanie won in our recent 'Win a Scarf for Winter' competition, hmm?

Thought you might be...  ; )

Well, after showing her some of my previous work, she quickly decided what colours and style she liked best: Purple and red. Long and skinny.

Then the fun began. Finger knotting each individual strand, while watching TV (of course!). Creating another unique creation.

Once I had all the strands I needed, I then laid them out and when I was happy with their arrangement, I tied them together and voila! One red and purple, long and skinny finger knotted fibre art scarf.

And that's it. The whole yarn... (yes, I had to put it in somewhere...)

I hope it's as you imagined it, Steph...

Enjoy!! = )